BAPE Giveaway

Get the chance to win BAPE by just making an Instagram post!

Entry Requirements

  • Follow the official BAPEMAFIA Instagram account. @bapemafia_giveaway
  • Make a post on Instagram featuring a BAPE item (e.g. an outfit with a piece of your favorite BAPE clothing) with the hashtag #bapemafia and @bapemafia_giveaway at the time of entry.
  • By entering the giveaway, you agree to let us repost your image on our official Instagram account @bapemafia_giveaway with credit.
  • Entry is limited to one email address and Instagram account at a time.

How to Enter

Please enter through this entry form.



Color: L
Size: L


FROM JAPAN, Co., Ltd., (here in after “our company”) understands the importance of your provided personal information (including your name, address, phone number, and any other information that could identify you), and will observe the “Act concerning Protection of Personal Information” along with this privacy policy to take the necessary steps to properly manage your information, and strive to protect it as well as continuously reviewing and improving our efforts.

Definition Of Personal Information

This privacy policy defines any information that can identify a person, including user ID, name, address, birthday, sex, phone number, email address, means of payment, purchase history and social media account(s) as personal information.

Intended Purpose

Our company may use your personal information for the following purposes:
(1) Management of information regarding members, orders and participation in campaigns
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(6) Conducting surveys
(7) Point and coupon rewards
(8) Contacting users for confirmation and answering inquiries
(9) Statistical survey or data analysis
(10) Sharing beneficial information to users regarding product development and other service improvements for marketing analysis purposes, various sale campaigns and new product notifications through third party partner companies.
Sharing method: through sending documents or electronic/electromagnetic methods to third parties
(However, the sharing of personal information with third party companies can be stopped by the request of the user)
(11) Recruitment information
(12) Other purposes conforming to or closely related to the above listed purposes

Provision To Third Parties

Our company, excluding situations when required by law, will not disclose or share individual personal information to third parties that do not have purpose of use indicated without your consent.
However, in the following situations, we may share various information as defined in the previous section as personal information by sending documents or through electronic/electromagnetic methods to third parties.
(1) In the case that disclosure of payment information to related parties is necessary
(2) In the case when it is necessary for the shipment of products, etc. or procedures for packages to pass customs
(3) Disclosure of user and sales information for the purpose of improving our service to third party partner companies
(4) In the case that our business or part of our service is entrusted to a third party
(5) Disclosure of information in the case of a company merger, transfer of business, or other reasons for a succession of business to the inheriting party
(6) When required to in accordance with personal information protection laws, or other laws

Disclosure, Inquiry, Revision, Cancellation, Deletion Of Information

Our company can disclose, inquire, revise, cancel, delete, etc. stored personal information at the request of any user.
Please request this using the designated form with the contact information below.


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Contract Changes

Our company, in accordance with changes in personal information protection policies or the law, reserves the right to change this privacy policy without warning.

Announcement of Winners

  • After our final judgment has been made, we will contact the winners via the email registered at entry.
  • You will receive an email from our site at
    In order to receive the confirmation email, please reset your allowed domain settings or whitelist “” on your emailing client.
  • If we do not receive any correspondence within 30 days of sending the email, your entry will become void.
  • Please allow us to send you information for the next giveaway and other campaign information.
  • In the case that your shipping address is invalid and we are therefore unable to ship the prize, your entry will become void.
  • We will accept no product exchanges, cash exchanges or returns with the prize.
  • Our company, excluding situations, when required by law, will not disclose or share individual personal information to third parties that do not have the purpose of use indicated without your consent.

Shipping Fee

BAPEMAFIA’s managing company FROM JAPAN will bear the cost of shipping for the prize.